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The protection of your data is a great concern to us.

With this privacy policy we would like to inform you about the use and elevation of your data.

Recording of person-related data

Under person-related data one understands the information about individual relations of a person approximately like the names, the address, telephone numbers or such.

By the visit of our Internet page the device you are using will automatically transmit data to our servers. This includes the IP address of your device, which browser you use, the previously visited Webpage, system attitudes as well as date and time of the site view. This serves the system security.

Person-related data will only be collected, if you reveal these data voluntarily. For example, if you make an order or a contract conclude or similar.

For some orders subcontractors are possibly used by us. Of course they will be chosen with the utmost care. The kind and the range of the data processing is regulated by contract. The subcontractor is obliged to keep the same data security level like us.

We do not resell your data to third parties.

Right of Access

You are entitled to receive informations and confirmations at any time about your person-related data stored by us.


The best possible safety precautions are always met by us so we can protect your data against loss and abuse.

Your data are stored safed in surroundings inaccessible for the public certainly.

We point out that for E-mails no perfect privacy can be guaranteed, because these can be seen, unfortunately, under circumstances by third persons. If you would like to give us confidental data by E-mail we recommend you to dispatch encoded E-mails


This website uses "Matomo", an Open Source software for the statistic evaluation of the guest's accesses. The logging is confined to sites which are publicly accessible. Calls of sites for the purpose of the administration of your own profile or your own advertisements are not logged in Matomo or are automatically filtered out. The data collected will be alienated for the purpose of logging so the user identification is impossible.

Placing of listings

In our Website listings can be given up by you. Therefore you have to provide an e-mail address. A link will be sent to this address, by calling the link the publishing of your advertisement concludes. Thereby the correctness of the given E-mail address can be checked. When you place an ad the following data are stored: e-mail address, time and date of placing the ad and the informations you have entered. Apart from these no other data will be stored.

Contact with authors of listings

By using the contact form you can contact the author of the listing. In order to that data like time of the contact, content and the e-mail adress will be saved to reduce spam. The deletion of these data takes place after one month. No other data will be saved.


Cookies are small data files sent to your hard disk from the Internet sites you visit. This website uses cookies to improve usability and functionality. Thanks to these files it is possible, to indicate coordinated information on a website on individual interests.

You can adjust your browser to prevent cookies being stored on your hard disk. If your browser rejects cookies, our website may either function incorrectly.

Data evaluation

Your data are only taken for statistics for the purpose of the operation, security and for optimization of the portal.